Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

Hong Kong Christian Service
Tin Heng Nursery School

Tin Heng Nursery School was founded in 2002 as a non-profitable nursery school run by the Hong Kong Christian Service. The school is equipped with four classrooms, one multi-purpose activity room and one physical education room, providing a loving and enjoyable learning environment for our children.

Our school places great emphasis on our children’s development in terms of language, thinking and creative arts. In addition to designing diversified and interactive activities about language, scientific exploration and creative arts which boost our children’s active learning potential and curiosity, we also allow our children to engage in their communities through personal visits and interviews with local professionals and artists. This promotes children’s observation, thinking and creativity skills, and helps them to unleash their unlimited potential. We stress the importance of home-school cooperation and we are closely working and communicating with parents, and together we encourage our children’s learning as a way to develop their potentials.


Our principal received the “2011/2012 Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence” for recognition of our implementation of an integrated arts curriculum for early childhood and our efforts in establishing an excellent learning community. In May 2018, our school passed the EDB’s Quality Review, and won its high recognition and praise.

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Parents’ Praise for the School
Hei Yin and Hei Chit's Parent
Yi Tung and Tsz Huen's Parent
Sze Yu’s Mom
Parents (k3)
“The teachers have been very dedicated to their duties despite the impact of the pandemic, and have been able to make teaching videos and game kits to suit children’s abilities and interests, providing them with diverse and interactive learning sessions.”
Nok Ming and Tsz Ho's Parent
Faan Sing’s Mom
Parents (K2)
“The teachers have been providing a loving and safe learning environment for the children. Despite the fact that the children are not in the classroom for most of the year 2020, the children have still made great self- progress in all aspects by rich teaching materials and cordial contact from school!”
Sze Yui’s Mom
Parents (PN)
“I’m grateful to the teachers for instructing and caring for my daughter. I can see that she is adapting happily to school life and improving socially and emotionally despite the Covid-19 pandemic.”
King Lok’s Mom
Parents (K1)
“Thank you for the support and care that the teachers have extended to the working parents. Moreover, they are very attentive to my son, and always give me suitable parenting advice which help my son to improve”
Additional Resources
Our school was granted a funding of $15,485 from the Hong Kong Education Bureau in the ‘Promotion of Reading Grant’ in 2023/2024.Our school has used the funding in purchasing books and promote reading activities.

Our school was funded with $51,710 by the Education Bureau in the ‘Home-School Co-operation Grants’ in (2023/24 School Year), the funding is used in three ways, regular sponsorship for parent-teacher association, family and School activities and joint-activities between family and school.

Our school has received $200,000 in total in the ‘Professional Capacity Enhancement Grant’ , to elevate teachers’ ability and enhance their profession , in order to maintain the sustainability of our school.

Our school was funded with $80,000 by the Education Bureau in the ‘ One-off Parent Education Grant’ to hold parent education course, another sponsorship of $20,000 in setting up ‘Parent Zone’ in the school intranet, or to optimize the existing ‘parent Zone’ in which the total sponsorship of $100,000.

Our school was granted a Grant of $200,000 in total. The Grant was used in ‘Grant for Improving Ventilation of School Premises of KGs’ , “Smart Kindergarten” Grant and ‘Grant for Promotion of Chinese Art and Culture’ , in order to enhance the hardware in school and promote Chinese Culture Education.

Our School was Granted a sponsorship of $101,240 in the ‘Jockey Club Digital Capacity building for Kindergarten Project’, to support our School increase the digital equipment, computer software and providing technical Support. To equipped our school education digitally under the new era achieving an efficient cooperation between family and school and support nursery development.

In 2023/24, our school was funded with $61,070 for ‘Support to Non-Chinese Speaking Students’. The funding will be used in recruiting teachers, purchasing education resources and organizing Culture common activities.